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Load-Out Day

First thing this morning, we headed out to our neighbors feedlot to sort and load a group of our calves, and get them to the sale barn. The calves were being kind of silly, but we got them down the road and unloaded in little more than an hour. It wasn’t prime picture-taking time, from both a daylight and a husband-and-wife-working-cattle-together perspective, but the calves sell tomorrow, and conditions will be a little better, I’m sure.


After dropping off the first group, these girls came home with me. Three are keepers, and the fourth is an oddball that we’ll sell later.

Tomorrow I’ll head out to the sale and see how our calves do. Calf prices were up last week, and we’re hoping the buyers will like our weaned, vaccinated bunk-broke steers, even if they’re red!

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