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More Multi-Generational Housekeeping

Now that the hay hauling is done, I’m back at cleaning up my mom’s house, going through boxes and boxes of craft projects and supplies. In addition to more fabric, and more yarn, I found a box full of finished cross-stitch, ready to be mounted (or whatever you call it) and delivered.

In box full of old patterns, I found a couple of envelopes with some old Disney stuff.

Bambi Christmas Cards


Mom was a member of the Snow White Jingle Club, through the Snow White Laundry. Disney’s licensing game has not always been on fleek.

And finally, a size 1 feedbag dress, a work in progress. I guess for the moment it’ll go in the “What in the heck do I do with this?” pile.

Mom never finished this. I’m guessing that one-year-old me had a melt-down over the print. What were those people at the feed store thinking?

I’m getting down to the last few boxes though, and I’ll be done. Well, at least I thought I was about done. Apparently there are hundreds of boxes that never made it to Virginia. Lovely.

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