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More Cultural Archaeology

I spent a couple of extra hours yesterday playing “Find the Cows” – two pairs (two mamas, two babies) who were there Sunday, but not there for Tuesday’s roll call. Not a huge deal, 99% sure it’s not a problem at all, but it’s that 1% of the time that they pay me the big bucks for. It was sunny and warm yesterday, and they were most likely more interested in napping than visiting.

I got through a few more boxes, and part of the reason I can date certain things is they were boxed up when my family moved. And some things were just a mess. Like the box that contained the bag my mom made me for slumber parties.

My mom made me this overnight bag instead of buying me a suitcase. When I was a kid, you did not want your parents buying you a suitcase.

I found a few things that I’m actually capable of finishing, or in the case of the cat, re-stuffing and restoring.

I don’t really remember this cat, but I’m reasonably sure it didn’t belong to any of my brothers.

Little known fact – I’m fairly competent at embroidery. I’ll finish these, and then probably throw them in a box so that my kids can figure out what to do with them.

Some projects are going to be harder to complete than others. They’re more pre-project than actual project.

It’s safe to say that my mom started specifying baby-print feedbag fabric before I was born.

My plan to be done with all this by Thanksgiving has run up against, well, Thanksgiving. I’ll get back at it this weekend.




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