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My Love is Like a Red Red Cow

I’m not exactly sure what most men do on the weekends.  I guess they golf or watch college sports or go to soccer games.


Here’s what Scott and his buddies do on Saturday mornings.  This may just look like some guys hanging out at the sale barn, but this is really market analysis – who’s selling  what (and why), who’s buying what, what prices are doing, how everybody’s crops are doing, how their families are doing.  They’re finding out about feed supplies, land leases, land sales, and what our lawmakers are doing in Washington, in Richmond, and right here in the county.  And it’s all topped off with a slice of homemade pie.


And here’s my true love yesterday afternoon, buying cattle on-line, substituting homemade salsa for homemade pie.  I can’t wait to see what he bought me!

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